Updates from End of Last Week

Good morning everyone! I am going to start this now (10:34am) and know full well that we will be lucky if I actually get it finished and posted before 10:34 pm! But here is to hoping right!!! Anyhow I figured that I would give you a little bit about the retreat first and then go from there! The second day of the retreat went really well too! I was a little nervous as I had mentioned because much of the day I left up to other people to plan. We started the day off with one of the activities the smaller groups planned it was a SASSO family feud. Then after that activity we did a goals session, then the next activity was called Earthquake in which you were given a scenario and had to come to a solution first by yourself and then with the group.

Once we concluded that activity everyone broke for lunch for a little over an hour, we came back did more goal work and then finished the day off with the last activity which was a series of minute to win it games. I will post some of those pictures too so that you can see how the group worked! When we finished everything, I closed out the day with the gift bags and a thank you!

Later that night, I received a text from Ben saying that he thought the retreat went really well. Then Friday morning I came in and John walked out of his office and gave me a high five and said that even though he was exhausted from Thursday he had a great time at the retreat. You see John isn’t much of a high fiver so this really started my Friday morning off with a bang.

I left the office and headed out to my meeting with the strength and conditioning coaches. I made the recipe of the week for them, the cranberry pistachio white chocolate energy bites. They turned out really well and this group was super happy to have a treat while I talked! I have done this meeting for the last 3 years so it was nothing new for me, they are a really nice group of people that are always attentive during the 30 minutes that I chat with them.

I had to deal with my first pissed off parent once I got back to the office. Not that I haven’t dealt with angry parents before but this is a little bit different. Now there are a ton of players in the game, it is no longer just a parent and the kid and a union to back my dumb ass. Now there are coaches, assistant coaches, athletic directors, provosts, vice provosts and the list goes on and on. I felt like I handled the situation fairly well even though the dad was less than happy with me as he hung up the phone. Ah you probably won’t be the last person I irritate this year!

After that phone call and a little wrap up at the end of the day I left the office finally around 5:30! Do you know the last time that my ass saw 5:30 on a Friday afternoon????? Prolly 5 years ago – I am not sure that I am digging that schedule, I like to be home early on Friday’s because I am usually wiped out!

I came home and well….it was time to wrap up our 16 Days adventure. The tasks for the day were to get up and have coffee with gram and tell her about the last year. So I got the girls in the jeep at around 5:45 and drove up to the park. I used some of our walking time to have a little chat, then once Starbucks was opened I went in and grabbed my coffee. We came home and I sat in the backyard to finish the conversation. I actually have a voicemail that Gram left for me last July 21st – congratulating me on my promotion to Associate Director. Less than a month later she was gone, right at the end of the message I can hear her laugh and well I played that message a few times Friday morning. I also played it on Monday morning before heading into the office as I know just how proud she would be to say I was the director of anything.

After coffee we were to make the chocolate cherry cake for my dads birthday. I didn’t want him to feel forgotten as he too is extremely special. So I may have cheated a bit and made the cake into cupcakes the night before so that I could share them with the office. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to eat an entire cake so this was my way of honoring his birthday here!

The next task was to have a crown royal manhattan and you had to give gram a toast, then dad a toast and bottoms up! Well that shit tastes like lighter fluid so I gave a toast to them both and took a sip but the rest of that shit went in the sink! GROSS!!!!

The next two tasks were to have a hamburger for Dad’s birthday dinner and then a piece of cake! I did both but since Kel was in town they did something different. I am ok that they didn’t do the tasks because the ones for Dad’s birthday again were to just make sure that the sadness of the day didn’t overtake the joy that he brings us!

I think that the 16 Day’s did exactly what I wanted it to do – brought up some good memories and made a tough time feel just a smidge better. I could have come up with about 100 different little memories and who knows maybe next year I will do the same thing. In doing this though it made me realize that she was so important to us that little things like eating crackers with peanut butter on them created some great times. I miss her every day but know that she is watching over us as if it is her job. When in doubt just look up!

Saturday I went to some big tennis tournament with my Billy. We got free tickets from a friend so we went. I guess that I didn’t realize just how big of a tournament it was until I got there. All of the big guns were playing and we got to watch! It was pretty cool and I got some great pictures. I will probably have a picture posting party some time tomorrow with the pics from the retreat and tennis tournament. We left at 10 yesterday morning and got home around 7, I may have gotten a little bit of sun but not too much to look ridiculous!

Today was my typical Sunday Funday, except I had to be at work at 4:45 for new student orientation. This is something new for me as in my prior roles this was not something that I needed to be at. I was there until a little after 7 then I came home grilled up some chicken – had my famous Mexican Chicken Salad, a FaceTime conversation with mom, dad and kel! I was sitting outside and it was wonderful!

It is now 10:23 and if you remember correctly I said earlier that I wasn’t going to get to finish this until around this time! hahaha too funny – I just knew that there was going to be a lot that needed to get done today and I wasn’t around the computer much!

Things planned for the week but not too much – classes start Wednesday so hopefully things will go smoothly! 1 week down 51 more to go! Have a great week everyone!


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