Day 2 of many

Well today was the second day in charge and it was a good one! I didn’t get out of bed early enough to take the girls for a walk or to go to the gym like I wanted to but I did have enough time to get up and do the things that I needed to before my big meeting with the sport ads!

I wore my new sweater and big girl shoes and felt fairly confident walking into the meeting! Leadership Lesson from a Jackass #3

Have more than you need when you are going to a meeting, especially when you are not 100% sure what people expect from you!

When I was asked to attend today’s meeting the only thing that Chris told me that he wanted was the list of the team assignments. Well how was I going to talk about that for 30 minutes? I knew that I should have a few other things on hand for this meeting even if we decided not to use or talk about them!

I showed up early and was ready to go, I had 7 different handouts for them and we talked about 6 of the 7. I was able to answer questions and felt fairly confident that I didn’t stutter through my answers! I left the meeting feeling accomplished and ready to take on the world!

After that meeting I hustled back to the office so that I could get things done for the retreat. I am still not feeling 100% confident that things are going to go off without a hitch for these two days. Mainly because I have not had total control and the person that has had most of the control has been out of the office the last week with a family issue.

I am pretty sure that I have everything done, but I guess that only time will tell! I plan on taking a lot of pictures in order to document this year. As you can see I have actually even been taking a few more pictures of myself. Since looking at things for the 16 Days, and another project that I have been working on I noticed that well…I am always behind the camera, and although that is a good thing because I hate looking at myself I realized that my memories are just that memories that are stuck in my head.

The end of the day came quickly and I was in the office again until almost 6. I am hoping that this is not a regular occurrence, and that its just because it is the beginning of the school year. Not that I had a lot going on, but it was a beautiful night and I am mentally and physically exhausted!

Ok I am going to explain today’s 16 Day Task and then call it a night! Today I sent a microwave bag of popcorn and the reason for this was because Gram used to love her popcorn, however, she had dentures so the popcorn would often get stuck in her teeth. Instead of finding a napkin to spit the kernels in she would just spit them wherever she was sitting. If I remember correctly there was a day where mom found some on the windshield of her car. So the task was to pop your bag and spit a few kernels out in your back yard – or wherever you were sitting!

Tomorrow little Miss Huntlie Frances turns 1! I can’t believe that this little trainwreck is 1 already. Seems like yesterday I was just throwing her in the jeep and calling her mine! I bought her a few presents and a greenie (she is not ready for a birthday burger yet – her belly is still funky)! We will be celebrating when I get home from the retreat!

Ok well I am ready to call it a night! I hope that you all had a great day!


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