Could I just get another 12 hours on the weekend??? PA-LEEZE

So I will give you some background on the 16 Day tasks and tell you a little about the weekend in this post. It has been a nice weekend however, I really wish that I could just get a few more hours. Billy keeps telling my that I am over scheduling myself, but I really feel like if I don’t do the things with the people that I want to do them with I am the one missing out!

Friday night I met up with my buddy Chalisa and Heather for Chalisa’s birthday. We met up at 4:30 for Happy Hour at Cheesecake Factory. I know that I have mentioned just how wonderful their happy hour is but seriously I used the gift card that I won from that bake off, and only had to pay another 7 dollars. I bought all the apps so I didn’t think that was a bad deal! We had a great time, I truly am seriously so blessed to have so many different friends that bring such different things/perspectives to my life. I ended up getting home around 7 something and just did a few things around the house.

I knew that I was getting up early on Saturday morning for Anna’s Pelatonia ride so I called it a night fairly early. Originally Katie was coming over to watch Anna ride by, turns out though that she picked up Sheenie and Em on the way over. I often forget just how funny The Band can be – they arrived at the house at 6:45 and we walked up to high street. We cheered on over 6700 bike riders for a little over an hour and a half.

We were chanting things like “we will cheer louder for bike bells”, “real men wear pink” (one of the riding groups were wearing pink) and then the best was when we would yell at some of the riders who were texting and riding! We had a great time, Anna’s mom sent a text to me when her group left the start line so we knew we had about 20 minutes until we saw her! It was great to finally see her!! She was laughing at us and the signs that we created for her! I also saw a few other athletic department employees which was nice!

After Anna rode by I kinda expected the girls to want to rush right out of there, but we actually stayed and cheered until the last rider went by! Then we cheered for the volunteers that were riding behind them, the cute cops that were directing traffic behind them – and my favorite was that as we were walking away there was a dump truck driver that was behind the cops that said what about me! So we cheered for him too! Hilarious!

After that the girls wanted to go to the diner that is down in German Village – we went down and then parted ways around 10! I came home and got some items that needed to be returned, I did that and then went to get a pedicure! Once that was done I decided to have the things that were growing uncontrollably on my face (many people call them eyebrows) waxed. Knowing full well that I turn extremely red and look like I have leprosy which means that I was not going to be out in public the rest of the day.

Then it happened Anna called and wanted me to meet her for a celebratory lunch. Well…..I told her I was looking like a hot mess, but she still wanted me to join! So I did and we went to a new restaurant. Brazenhead – it was really really good – I had the garlic burger, and well there was enough garlic on it that I wasn’t going to have to worry about vampires those bitches weren’t coming around me!

So once I did that I came home and whipped up the Day 10 task which was Gram’s salad dressing. Like most things that she made – it just wasn’t going to taste the same. I mean I do not know what the hell she would do to things besides put love in them that would make them taste so different. But I made the dressing and put it on a salad with a piece of grilled chicken. It was good but not Grams!

I cleaned up that mess and then headed off to bed. Wait I am just realizing I don’t think that I explained the orange kool aid! Well….Gram made the worlds best orange kool aid, it was 3 packs of the kool aid mixed with 1 1/2 cups of sugar in a gallon of water. Not sure if it is that combination or the fact that gram and gramps had well water but whatever it was that shit was the bomb. As I was growing up there was never a time that I showed up at the house that it wasn’t in the fridge. Then as I grew older she would make me gallons to go – pretty sure that almost all of my college teammates have had it, and even some of my friends I met after college.

OK so now to tell you a little bit about today – then its off to bed. Today I went on the Buckeye Lake Tour of Homes with Billy and the Qtips. Basically Buckeye Lake is an expensive area that people have summer homes on, and they let you come walk through a few of them while being carted around on pontoon boats. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them all but it certainly made for a long day as we left at 10:30, which meant in order for me to get everything done I needed to I was going to have to get up at 5:30. So I did!!

I got up changed the sheets on the bed and then cooked up some asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms. Then I left and went to complete my 16 Day task – which was to go to Starbucks and get a cake pop. I put $5 gift cards in the packages for Kel and Mom to get theirs. You see when the cake pop fad came out – Gram was all about these things, and well……none of us really liked them, yet we would all eat them for her because that was just what you did! I actually found a series of 3 pictures that I took of Gram trying to teach Kel to make them – so I copied those and put them in the envelope with their task. I don’t have those pics on my iPad so I will post that tomorrow, once I get to work.

I got my coffee and my pop – then headed out to WalMart to pick up a few things that I couldn’t get at the grocery store. I was done with all of that by around 8:45, came home did a few more things in the house – jumped in the shower around 9:30 and headed over to Karens house.

We got home around 5:30, and I went right outside to mow the lawn – in fact I am still sweating from doing that as I am refusing to turn the AC back on. Needless to say I am going to need to do my clean head clean bed because I put new sheets on the bed this morning and my hot sweaty fat ass does not need to crawl into bed like this!

David (my boss) sent a text around 4:15 stating that he made it to NC safely which basically means that well….tomorrow this adventure as the Interim Director officially begins. Kel and Justin sent me a package a while ago with a Starbucks card, new earrings and a few other things in it to wish me good luck on this adventure. I saved the card and will be getting a coffee to start things off in the morning and wearing the new earrings.

I plan on documenting this adventure in this blog as well as the written journal that my sister & B.I.L sent! Leadership Lessons – tails from a Jackass! Maybe that will be the title of my first book! Ok have a great week!


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