The Journey Begins

Well the day has finally arrived and the torch has been passed. I started the day as the Associate Director of The Student Athlete Support Services Office and at 4:15pm, I became the Interim Director of the Student Athlete Support Services Office. David and I left at the same time and he handed me his parking pass – and I felt like he was handing over the keys to the car.

Actually I felt like I was watching my big brother head off to college – knowing that I was going to hear from him but that we were both starting new chapters in our lives without one another. As excited as we both are I could feel the tears, love and anxiety in both of us.

I am not sure what the next 9 months will entail but we’ve got this right???

I met Cat for a few beverages at the end of the day and well…she is just a really great friend. We don’t often time get the chance to hang out but when we do its like no time has actually even passed. She bought drinks and the apps in honor of the promo and then said that she was also doing it because of the 16 Days idea and just being me! I thought that was pretty awesome!

Speaking of 16 Days – today was a little hard to photo document as the task for the day was to sing Ave Maria! You see I wasn’t actually in the car the day that this happened but apparently Gram was singing Ave Maria with one of those kiddie microphones that had some streamers coming out the bottom of it.

Well for starters Gram didn’t have the best singing voice so that was already a negative about the song, then the windows were open in the car so there was a lot of wind. Wind + Streamers + open mouth = gram choking while trying to sing Ave Maria!

HAHAHA quite the picture right – well….on my way in for the morning mom decided to call me and sing the song so she accomplished her task for the day! I actually sang on the way in also – and well Kel said that she did so I will have to believe her this time around!

There was a huge storm that hit right as I was on my way home, and once I arrived back at the house and went into the basement I saw the arc that the girls were trying to build in order to get away from the water. Yes thats correct the basement had quite a bit of water in it, and it was continuing to come in the house. Not really a big deal it has happened before and I learned my lesson for the most part – but my bags were on the ground and therefore soaked.

I called the landlord and he said that he would come over and bring the shop vac. I wasn’t overly concerned about things because its been wet like that before – but he called about 20 minutes later to tell me he might not make it because a kid ran out of nowhere and ran right into his car. He eventually showed up at the house and I could tell that he was still kinda shook up. The kid had a broken arm, orbital and Jerry said that he thought he might have run over his leg too.

I can’t even imagine what that must have sounded/felt like. I really couldn’t believe that he still came over – not only that but he brought me a cast iron pan that someone left at one of his other rentals. It needs a good cleaning but could be used on the grill!

Ok well its 9:40 and this fatty needs to get into bed! TGIF


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