Snuggle Buddy

Well today started off like a typical Monday! You see I got up and headed off to the gym – however when I arrived my key fob was not working!! Well at 5:45 there isn’t anyone working so my options were to come home and bitch about it or just go for a jaunt around the neighborhood! I was already up so why not get my ass moving!

I figured out while I was walking why my key fob wasn’t working – well the card that I got my membership with was the one that was cancelled! So after a call to the gym this morning all things are back to normal and it should work in the morning. Should is going to be the word of the day – its a damn good thing that the weather has been so nice!

I went into the office and today was fairly normal, last week of being number 2 – then the shit gets real! Maybe I will go and get drunk this weekend to celebrate! ha if you believe that one I have property to sell you in Florida too!

There were a few things that at the end of the day irritated me but after calming down I kinda figured I am going to let it go and not really give a shit because at the end of the day I know that what I am doing is right so it is what it is! Sorry for your loss Mc. Turd but I just don’t care!

As you will see with today’s pictures the Day 5 task was to take the piece of silk that I purchased and snuggle with it. This believe it or not was one of the harder things to pull off as there wasn’t a whole lot of silk to be found. The reason for this task was that Kel used to drag around one of my grandmothers silk nightgowns when she was a little kid. You see I sucked my thumb for forever and she well she was afraid of getting buck teeth so she just carried grams nighty! Ha funny how that shit turned out isn’t it – she was the braceface!

The nightgown that Kel used to drag around if I remember correctly was a beige/brown color but the actual house coat that my grandmother always used to wear was purple. So I figured I would combine the both of them and get purple silk. For a while I was trying to find a nightgown for everyone but kept coming up empty handed. One of my co-workers told me to look for silk pillow cases, boxers etc but we kept striking out.

Right when I was getting to my whits end I remembered that the creepy Walmart down the street had a fabric section. Well sure shit not only did they have a fabric section but I had my pick of the silk stuff. It only took me a rather lengthy conversation with the worker to get what I wanted. She was sweet though so I really wasn’t complaining. Then I remembered that gram also used to wear Jovon Musk – do any of you remember this perfume? Well I certainly do it was her scent – and I remembered that WalMart still carried it.

So while I was getting the fabric I stopped and asked the other two ladies working where I would find perfumes. They were super helpful (which at Walmart is hard to find) and pointed me in the direction of the perfumes. There it was sitting right on the shelf – knowing that I would never really have a need for the full thing of perfume I took it out of the box and sprayed it as if I wanted to test the smell. Well I sprayed it right on to the fabric!!! Hahahahahaha – don’t tell my mother she would be mortified! But it worked! I came home right away put the fabric into ziplock baggies, in hopes that the smell would still linger.

Kel sent me a text this morning that she loved the task for today – although I haven’t received her picture yet but I know that she was having Justin’s colleagues over for dinner tonight so that would be why! I gave the girls each their own little snuggle fabric and then a treat for sitting so nicely for a picture. I sat with mine on in the recliner before I started baking cookies, and then you can see from Mom’s picture that she snuggled with her baby doll – that is one from when she was a little girl.

I think that she is really enjoying doing this, and I enjoyed hearing her not be so down today when I talked to her.

Ok well I must head off to bed here – I need to be at the gym early tomorrow so that I can get to Starbucks by 8 – I have a meeting with one of my people then! I hope that your Monday was wonderful! If you would like to participate in tomorrow’s task – wear Hot Pink and send me a picture message! I will explain the reason later!


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