Fair Update

My apologies for this taking so long to get posted! I really am trying to do a better job of updating at night, but man oh man have I been tired of late. I think that it has a little to do with the stress of everything coming up and a little to do with getting up at 5 something to go to the gym. This week was pretty successful! Monday – Wednesday I was at the gym every morning doing something cardio related. Thursday morning I took the girls for about a 3 mile walk, took Friday morning off and then took the girls for about a 4.5 mile walk today!

So back to the fair, as you can see from the pictures we had yet another successful adventure to the fair. I managed to do pretty well and not have anything fried!! This was not my intention but there really wasn’t anything that was jumping off the carts to me! What you can see is that everyone else really did clean house with the fried foods! Pretty sure Vicki didn’t have anything of real substance, Dana did a pretty good job although she didn’t get her fried Oreos but she can always get those at Hal and Al’s down the street. Britt takes the cake though as she got the deep fried Gummy Bear!

That thing was literally 4 inches big and well about enough sugar to send someone into a diabetic coma! Apparently this carnie who is from NC, thought that this would be a great idea so she actually buys these giant gummy bears from some company and then deep fries them for $6 each! I talked to her while we were waiting for Britts bear to be done and she was actually rather interesting. From here she was going to another 8 fairs before her tour was over and they were all over the place. She will be hitting the NYS fair – although she said that the people last year were incredibly rude so she would have been ok to not go back.

We walked around for quite some time and ended up spending about 3 hours at the fair. IT was actually so nice outside that time didn’t really seem to be an issue. Anna and I got burritos which were not as good as chipotle but came in at a close second for a fair find. As always we capped off the evening with our cheesecake on a stick and it did not disappoint. My goal every year at the fair is to not spend more than $20 – I was able to do this and still come home with $2!!

So from the pictures I might have left you hanging a little with the balls picture. Well that is because it was the best conversation that we heard all night. As we were trying to head out for the night we were waiting for Vicki to get something and the vendor carnie was standing clanging those two balls together. When this random guy came up to her and was like what are you doing? Her reply was “just slapping these two balls together” to which we were already giggling like 4 year olds. She then asked the guy if he would like to buy a set – his reply “um no thanks if I want to play with two balls I will play with my own – they are free” yep we pretty much busted out laughing out loud. After that exchange I went up to the carnie vendor and asked her if I could just take a picture of the balls – she looked at me funny but said sure

The night was fun and continued to remind me that as I go on this leadership journey over the next 9 months I can’t not do the things that have gotten me this far!! We already have people talking about the 7th annual gobblerito fest and we are still 4 months away! lol!

The rest of the week at work was pretty much same old same. I ran another leadership meeting without David and that is going to be the new norm in just 1 short week. I know that I have the confidence of the rest of the leadership team so now its just a matter of getting everyone else on board. I plan to really use the blog to kind of keep this journey documented on the things that happened, worked, didn’t work and well how to not lose myself in the process!

On to the next post!


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