16 Days

Well as you know the 16 days was a way in which I felt that my family could honor grams memory and although the year mark is going to prove to be yet another tough milestone we will have to cross – this was my way of being there.

The package was received the way that I kind of assumed that it would be, my mom was very sad and basically couldn’t talk to me on that night so she sent a beautiful email. Kel called and was appreciative of the thoughtfulness. I know that my mom is still struggling with this and I am hoping that this will at least give her something to remember the good, instead of living in the past year. We have so much more to be thankful for and gram would want it to be that way.

Day 1 of 16 days was to use the peanut butter and crackers that I sent and remember back when we would have snack time and squish the pb & butter out the little holes in the crackers. Although as you can see from Kels picture the jackass didn’t see that I had wrapped crackers and sent them in the package. Haha oh Kelly – gram would have laughed at you for that one!

Day 2 of 16 days was to email your favorite memory to us. I have to say that I was taken back when my sister was the first one to email and she had a picture attached to the email with her story. I am not going to lie it made me cry because it was just one of those pics that as you can see gram was gram and just enjoying life and being with us.

I have realized that I am not in a lot of pictures because I am usually behind the camera which is ok I don’t like looking at myself – to easy to find all the flaws. But one of my favorite memories has been in the more recent years when gram and I would talk about food and recipes. Kels was after a dance recital when gram brought her fake flowers because she ran out of time to get her real ones. Then moms memory was one when they were all going to one of their crap (craft) shows and they did a Chinese fire drill – yet the only person who got out to do it was gram!

I have put the pictures on here that Kel and I used yesterday for day 2. The picture requirement yesterday wasn’t mandatory because there was an email exchange to prove that you took the time to do it – so mom didn’t send one!

Day 3 of 16 – is today and you have to take a bath using the lavender bubble bath that gram swore was the only way she could fall asleep. I sent a little holder with just enough for one bath in it for everyone. Kel and I have yet to take our baths as I am waiting until I am ready to head to bed for the night, and I am guessing that she is doing the same thing.

I hope that this is providing the comfort that I think mom needs but we will never truly know! I am confident that this is the way gram would want us to carry on.

Feel free if you have a favorite gramma keebler memory to post it here so we can all think about how special a lady she was!


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