Last few days

Well I know that it has been a few days since I last posted anything but a picture. Things have been rather hectic since Wednesday. While we were at the vaccination clinic on Wednesday night we got a phone call from Dwight (one of the qtips) that gave us some sad news.

You see there are a few of the tips that I feel closer with, and Sharon happens to be one of them. She sends me emails with recipes and emails to just check in. Well Sharon is married to Russ who was 78, and not in the best of health. He apparently quite a few years ago suffered a few heart attacks – and much like gram was living on borrowed time.

On Wednesday, Sharon left to go have dinner with Dwight and a few other tips. Russ said that he was tired and was going to take a nap. Well…apparently tired of living was what he meant. After Sharon and Dwight left, Russ went upstairs grabbed his gun – went into their backyard and ended his life. The next door neighbor heard the gun shot, and thought that something had fallen in his basement so he went to look there first. When he didn’t find anything he went outside and that was when he found Russ – dead.

We really didn’t know what to say or do – we had to continue working the clinic and since there were all kinds of police around and the house/road was taped off we weren’t going to be allowed over there. What do you say? How do you act? This was a first for me especially since we really didn’t see things happening this way. I mean we kinda thought that he wasn’t doing well but not like this. My heart just broke for Sharon – I mean thankfully she wasn’t the person that found him but on the other hand she lives in the house – how do you walk in the backyard to get to your garage everyday knowing what happened there? Were there going to be enough good memories to trump everything else?

I really didn’t know what to do and since the boys were out of town I couldn’t just tag along with them, so I really had to grow up for this one. I made some lemon cookies this morning and dropped them off on her front porch before I went to church. I didn’t knock and I didn’t leave a card – I just wrote on the package Lemon Crinkle Cookies drew a heart and signed Kimmie (this is what they all call me).

Thankfully one of the other tips (Karen) who lives around the corner from me sent me an email yesterday asking me if I would like to go to the calling hours with her. Seeing that these things are not meant to be fun I gladly rearranged my day to accept the offer. I walked over to her house and we picked up Kathleen and headed over.

I did not know what to expect when we arrived, much of me thought that it was going to be a closed casket – well I was wrong about that. Then I assumed that I would meet Sharon’s children – wrong about that as well. To my surprise I only met 1 of the 5 kids, this was Sharon and Russ’s 2nd marriage, so the kids were from both. All but 1 of the kids left her all by herself to greet everyone. This made me very sad she was a trooper though and held strong the entire time we were there.

When I got up to her, she said that she was so surprised this morning when she went out to get her newspaper and had cookies. It made me smile to know that she liked them. Like my mother Sharon loves it when I wear my hair down so I made sure today that I didn’t (abeit annoying) pull my hair back into a ponytail until after I left the calling hours. Sure enough she commented on it being down and just grabbed a few curls.

Its going to be a tough road after the funeral tomorrow, as I think that she is super strong but at the same time has been married to Russ for over 30 years I think. I don’t know what the guilt feels like when someone commits suicide and I hope that I never do – but the what if’s have to be plenty so I hope that those of us around her can help out a little and keep her busy!

So now to change the subject and give you a few other updates that are a little lighter! The rest of the week did not prove to be anything special – there wasn’t anything new or exciting that happened. We are officially now two weeks away from being the interim director and I am signing my name to things and having to write that as my title. Its kinda nice and yet still a little scary.

For those of you that chat with my mom – please don’t share this with her until she shares with you, but we are quickly coming upon the one year anniversary since Grams passing. Well with all of the new responsibilities, I will be unable to come home that weekend. Since I won’t be there I decided to do something a little different to honor the anniversary. Instead of thinking about what we have lost I decided to cherish what we remember.

I sent out a package to both my mom and Kel that is what I am calling 16 Days. In that package there are 17 envelopes and in each one there is a note with something that they need to do in order to remember/honor Grams memory. There are 17 envelopes because the first one explains why I sent the package and the rules that are associated with it. I will take you all on the 16 day journey as well starting on Thursday. If at any point you feel like joining in please do – many of the tasks are tiny memories that will make one giggle and think of the good ole days! As I stated in their 16 Days letter – this is how I choose to remember her!

For those of you that are unaware of my addiction to White Candle Barn/bath and body candles let me share with you that I seriously get way too excited when the 3 wick candles go on sale 2 for 22. I usually keep my customer satisfaction survey coupons which are 10 off a 30 purchase until these sales happen. Then I go in and make out like a bandit. So much so that the sales associates there know me and the scents that I typically like/use.

Well….today was no different the sale started earlier this week so knowing I was going out for class it was on my to-do list to stop in and get more candles. I walked in and my sales associate Molly was like “OMG I have been waiting for you to come in to show you all the new fall scents” hahaha I love it! She took me over to the one wall and was like I know that you like fireside in the winter so smell this one I think that you will really like it! Seriously this made me laugh and even if I had no intention of buying I would have just because she remembered this!

Not buying something however was not on the list – I walked out with 4 new 3 wick candles. I like to burn the same scent on each level of the house. I also bought a lavender vanilla one for my bedroom. It has been so nice the last few days here that the air is off and all the windows are wide open! I wasn’t completely ready for the fall scents yet even though the weather was really making me want to go there so we opted for another new scent which is called sandalwood citrus. I am going to burn it tomorrow to see if I really like it!

This week is a little busy but not too too bad. Tomorrow is the funeral, they are not doing anything after so I will just come home and get ready for dinner. My friend Dana’s birthday is tomorrow so I am making her dinner instead of taking her out. She has never had scallops before so I bought 2 of those as the appetizer, then I am doing our recipe of the week which is a coconut flank steak with broccoli, and then some margarita cookies for dessert.

Tuesday is a free night, Wednesday is our annual SASSO goes to the fair night, Thursday I have a meeting and Friday I think that I am going out for some birthday drinks with my co-worker Brett for his wife’s birthday (they are still new here so I said I would help celebrate her birthday with them). Oh I am also watching the boys cats and house this week as they are in South Carolina! Good times good times.

Ok well I am going to try and knock these cookies out for my boss – I hope that you are all having a good well! Oh and I have to say congrats to one of my buddies who passed her med school tests and will now be back in the states to finish up all of the things she needs to do to become the doctor she wants to be! She worked her ass off to get this far and I am super proud of her!


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