Nothing really new

Today was a pretty much boring day! I did get up and get to the gym though so we have almost been successful for 2 full weeks! I am pretty excited about that!! I have lost 5 pounds since last week so that also makes me a happy camper! This morning I did 1.5 miles on the elliptical and 2 miles on the bike, I figured that I would do something nice and low impact on the body so that tomorrow morning I could do a little more running! My goal will be to run in intervals again but I don’t know whether they will be timed or distance!

Work was pretty much work nothing exciting today – no big meetings which was very nice! As you can see from the earlier posts we created a healthy buckeye video that we need you to vote for so that we can win!!! I think that if we win we each get a $75 gift card so that would be super cool! I know that I look like a big dorkus in the video but my staffers asked me to be part of it so I gave in to peer pressure and did it!

Once I got home I made dinner, I have also been successful in my other plan which is to do my best to not eat anything after 7! So I have been really trying to have dinner made and eaten by then! Tonight was just a very simple black bean quesadilla with a black bean burger, some fresh guacamole and fresh salsa! The kids call quesadilla’s cheesies so that is what my new name for them are! The whole meal was right around 450 calories so not too shabby and I was full!

When I was done with dinner I started making the holidoreos which were a request from a coworker. He is leaving us next week and I had told him a long time ago that if he bought the oreos that I would make the cookies. They were on my chair yesterday so I made them for him tonight! I think that they turned out pretty nice!

I am a little worried right now because I ran out of dishwasher soap so I put a little dish soap and baking soda in the dishwasher to give the things that are in there a cleaning! I am hoping that I don’t go out to suds on the floor when I let the girls out for the last time tonight! hahah

Well it is finally hump day which makes me happy one day closer to the weekend. Tomorrow night is clinic night and the boys and I are going to Figlio’s after for restaurant week! I will be sure to update you on how the food is!

Have a great Wednesday!


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