Vacation coming to an end

Well I wrote about last week earlier so there really isn’t a ton to write about! After I posted this morning I mowed the lawn went and bought some bug spray for the yard and then started getting lunch ready!

I did the recipe of the week today for my friend Heather and I and well it was another knock it out of the park recipe! I don’t think that I will ever buy BBQ sauce again. I made this sweet and spicy sauce that was super duper easy. There was even enough left over for me to use at a later date!

Once we cleaned up lunch we went out for some ice cream and then called it an afternoon! It is so damn hot out that there was no sense in doing anything outdoors!

I ended up having a black bean burger for dinner with a side of spicy coleslaw. My goal these days is to have dinner consumed by 7! I have been pretty good so far, I have also given up soda again which was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Ok well I’m heading to bed – we are going kayaking tomorrow so I hope I don’t end up in the river! I’m sure there will be stories!


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