Good Morning Everyone!! So last week was rather boring and just a lot of catching up on things that needed to be done throughout the house and in the office. After the big dinner party I took all of the leftovers in to the office and my boss and Chad were the proud recipients of the ribs! We took a picture and sent it to Bern since he missed out on them. His response to the picture was “I hope they get the shits” hahaha really! Well David’s response to that was everyone shits and damn these were worth it! In what world can your father say he hopes your boss gets the shits and your boss responds with that!? MINE!!!

Tuesday was the birthday club dinner, which was nice but it started at 6 and that doesn’t really give me a ton of time to get home and do anything with the girls. Had it not been the 19th straight day of rain I probably would have left them in the yard for a bit! One of the Q-tips is getting pretty frail which is kinda scary as I have been hanging with the group now for about a year and have gotten to know them pretty well.

Wednesday was storm day! I really wish that I could post the video on here from the storm, this was probably the worst one that I have witnessed at this place. The girls no longer have a shade umbrella by their pool because it snapped in the wrong direction. The fence withheld the wind but there is one section/pole that looks like it could use just a little extra cement to hold it in place. Thankfully even with the line down (in those pictures I posted) I never lost power. I did think that I was going to get out of the vaccination clinic as they had us completely blocked in! Ya no such luck there – the boys came and picked me up! haha no rest for the weary!

Billy and I had planned to spend the first day of my staycation on the “river” doing a little kayaking – however since it had rained for 20 straight days the water levels were way too high! So we met for breakfast, then did some errands, then we played some miniature golf and then went and had a blueberry beer for lunch! We were home by 2, I mowed the grass and then made a kick ass dinner!

Friday morning I got up went to the new gym (yes I have started at a new gym) which is right in the village. It is called Snap Fitness and it is open 24/7! I loved it there was literally only 1 other person in there with me! I did a little time on the elliptical and then took a walk down to Starbucks! Grabbed a coffee and sat outside for about an hour and a half! It was so nice and relaxing. After Starbucks I ran a few errands – over to the garden to water it, and to target! I am looking for a lounge chair now for the backyard as I think that is the only thing that I need! But I am going to wait until the end of the summer to see what is left for that one! If the hammock wasn’t ripped I wouldn’t need anything but if I put my fat ass on that thing we will be making a trip to the ER!

Saturday was a morning filled with some mixed emotions. I had signed up to do the Dash for Donations which wast he first 5k that I ran 3 years ago. Then it was just a race to fulfill the requirements of couch to 5k. This year though, I ran for Team CJD – which was representing my former teammate Erin’s little baby girl that died a few years ago. I am pretty sure that I have spoken about this before but Erin’s husband is one of the Men’s Lacrosse coaches which is how we reconnected. This year she put me on the email list of potential supporters, and seeing that I have done this race for the last 2 years I figured why not support them.

They had t-shirts made with a CJD logo on the front and little baby feet on the back! I honestly do not know how people can go through something so tragic and function. They now have another little girl Maura and they are expecting another in December. There were over 60 people for Team CJD, and many other teams that had been affected by organ donation. I did not train for this which was what was scaring me because I didn’t want to look foolish! Many of the other team members were walking though so I didn’t feel quite as bad.

I did run a little over half of the race, and then walked the rest – completed it in just under 45 minutes so I wasn’t too mad with my efforts! The weather was really nice though at the start but by the time we finished it was getting hot hot hot! After the race I headed to a farmers market that sucked! I was pissed that I didn’t go out to my normal one, but thought that I would try something a little closer to the house! FAIL!!!!

Oh and did I happen to mention that when I woke up Saturday morning that I had an email from my bank that said there was suspicious activity on my account to call them?? Ya apparently in about a 7 minute time span someone tried to use my card for over $500! Thankfully the bank was on this shit and just shut the card down so the only charge that went through was one for $6! The bad part is that I am without a card for the next 7 days so I have to get cash out for everything that I need! I NEVER carry cash so this is not fun at all!

Once I got home from all of that crap on Saturday I really just relaxed for the majority of the day! I am pretty sure that I have cleaned out almost everything on the DVR which needed to be done so that my fat ass didn’t have an excuse to sit and do nothing!

I have given up soda again which has seemed to help the sleeping issues that I was having. My friend Chalisa told me that I needed to drink more water and that would help me sleep too! Never heard that one before but I was willing to try anything!

Yesterday was a typical Sunday Funday – I got up early early made those coconut lime freezer cookies – Billy said they were just ok a little too sticky for his liking! I gave the rest to Shannon at Williams Sonoma so I will get his feedback next week! Then I made the 3 bean salad, then I went to the gym, then came home and got ready for church! Made it there by 9, then out to Starbucks, to class (which was boring), to TJ’s and then back home by 1!

It was so ungodly hot that I really didn’t want to leave the girls outside for very long. I did have them out while I was cooking on the grill making lunch! I made the sriracha avocado chicken salad. I am cutting carbs out again so the recipe called for it to be put on a pita but I opted to just eat it as a salad. I also made some additional changes to the recipe by adding my black beans, and some grilled corn! I am not going to lie this was great! I am not big on chicken, tuna, egg salads (unless they are my moms) but for this one you use the avocado as the mayo! Freakin DELISH!!!!!

After lunch I decided that I was tired, which is rare – I am not a napper! But decided that we were going to have family cuddle time, and seeing that the girls are only allowed on the spare room couch we all went upstairs pulled the bed out and fell asleep for 2 hours!

It was so nice – we got up a little after 4 came downstairs and watched a little more tv, then had dinner and called it a night! I got up this morning, went to the gym and I am now sitting out in this heat under the umbrella writing this post. I am trying to rally to get the lawn mowed – but that means I have to clean up poop which I really do not want to do! But I do not want the mower flinging poop all over the place so I guess I don’t have a choice!

OK well I will update later tonight about today’s adventure – I may be taking the girls to the creek! Should be interesting as the Diva doesn’t really like water! Happy Monday!


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