Is it really Sunday?

Ok so I am now starting to really wonder why I keep myself so busy, as its 9:18 on Sunday night and I really do not feel like I have had any sense of a weekend! The sad thing is that this week isn’t looking any easier so I just need to buck up and put my big girl panties on!

Friday night was the last restaurant that I tried for restaurant week. It was called AOI Blue Bar and it was a sushi place. I went there with my buddy Duane, we weren’t sure at the start of the day if it was going to happen as we were under a winter weather advisory – which in this area means we are getting 1-3 inches of snow! Haha yes I am telling the truth – that’s it, and they have no idea how to handle that itty bitty amount it drives me absolutely batty!

Thankfully though the snow tapered off around 3 so by the time I left at 4:40 the roads were ok. For my fist course I had a spicy tuna tar tar which was pretty good, the only other tuna tar tar I had was last year and that was more of a diced raw tuna where this one was more tuna fish sandwich like. Flavors were nice but if you have a consistency thing you would not have enjoyed this! My second course was a sushi roll – it was good but Duane got the beef hibachi and that looked and smelled really good. Dessert was tempura cheesecake – I had been looking forward to this one all week, but was a little let down as it wasn’t what I pictured in my head! Overall though the meal was good but its not my favorite sushi place!

Saturday morning I got up and went to serve breakfast to those less fortunate. I have to be honest I that I really didn’t want to do this. I wasn’t sure I was in the right mind set and I was honestly kind of forced into doing it by people who signed us up. I am however glad that I went, as once again it reminded me just how lucky I am.

Aside from the smells of greasy breakfast foods (I don’t like fake eggs, processed sausage and nasty ass sausage gravy) it wasn’t a bad 2 hours. There were a few moments where I got a little teary as one of the guys there came up to us and said “hey can you guys make me a promise” we all kinda stood there and semi shook our heads – he then said “ok well here is what I need you to promise me – when I get back on my feet cuz I’m gonna – will you all come to my house so I can say thank you by serving you dinner”

He was dead serious, then as he walked away he just kept saying thank you. As they gathered up the free blankets that were also being distributed, I once again thought about how selfish I was being by not really wanting to attend. I thought “really Kim you have heat, food, family and friends – yet you were pissy” reality check as I drove away watching some of the patrons walking away bundled up.

I came home and watched the boys basketball game, and then made some hummus for the Q-tips housewarming party. I decided to make a spicy black bean hummus and then a pizza hummus and picked up some pita chips to go with them. Then I walked around the corner to the party. I was the youngest at the party by about 15 years with the age gap between me and a few clearly being well over 40 years.

These old people crack my ass right the hell up though with seem of their stories. At one point in the afternoon they were comparing scars and talking about how they set off the metal detectors at the airport. There were so many matching velour outfits at this party that I didn’t know what to do – they were all pretty funny though. In fact one of the old ladies told me a story about getting frisked at the airport and she didn’t care except for the fact that when the security guard touched her he made her pamper make noises! Hahaha seriously what is it with old people telling me stories that make me turn red?!?!

I walked back home after the party and hung out with the pups – should have done laundry but opted to just be lazy and make a little dinner. I posted that picture last night, it was the panko crusted salmon with some sautéed veggies! It was decent although I don’t think that I will panko crust my salmon again, it took something away from it!

Today was pretty typical – I had a good morning then came home and started my cooking. I did a crockpot sesame honey chicken, and then the recipe of the week which was the sticky spicy orange chicken wings! They were great and ill will totally be making them again because they were super easy.

Ok well, I have to go pack,up my bags and put laundry away. It is raining right now and they are calling for freezing rain – the way these jack offs drive around here I am sure the morning will be a hot damn mess. Busy week again this week – study table tomorrow night, basketball game Tuesday night, Cats birthday dinner Wednesday night, baking on Thursday night, Sassy hour on Friday – I promised the staffers I would actually attend this one, Katie’s birthday karaoke on Saturday night and then I am hosting the dinner group for Super Bowl Sunday!

Shit I’m already tired looking at that week! Lol. Have a great week everyone!


Recipe Club – Week 4 – Hot and Sticky Orange Chicken Wings


Thought these would be perfect for a Super Bowl treat!

Tonight’s Dinner Creation


Panko Crusted Salmon with quinoa (infused with soy sauce) and sautéed veggies

Ghetto Chopper flying around my hood!


For two days in a row now the police chopper has been flying around the good! Not sure that’s a good thing! Looked like he was going to land in my backyard today!


So as you all know by now I don’t really sit down and relax well, especially when there is a lot on my mind. I think that part of the reason I don’t relax often is the fear that if I sit doing nothing that I will gain tons of weight. I have the tendency that if I am stressed or just sitting idol to eat every damn thing in the house. So to me it’s best to stay busy which occupies both my head and my belly! Lol

Well the last week as been no exception and really there isn’t a rest day until next Thursday! It’s restaurant week here in columbus and well… What that means is that about 45 restaurants are running 3 course menus for a discounted price. Many of them are trying to get you to be a loyal customer but part of the proceeds go to the food bank. It’s a win win for everyone except my pants! I have saved up so I can take full advantage and since I hardly eat out this is acceptable to me!

So this week Monday night I went to a place called Manifesto with my boys – the first course was pulled beef cheek sliders with a horseradish sauce, second was 2 giant pan seared scallops over a sun dried tomato creamy polenta, third was a chocolate budino pudding cake topped with fresh raspberries! Everything was really good and for those of you wondering like Kelly was the beef cheek is NOT THE ASS CHEEK of a cow! All of that food was $20 plus tip!

Tuesday night was the basketball game so dinner consisted of concession stand popcorn, last night was the Petco clinic with the boys and we went to Bob Evans (their choice and since they pay not complaining), but tonight…..Cantina Laredo! Yep another new Mexican place!

I am pretty sure that Pat and Bernie have been lying to me my entire life and my real name is Juanita and I am Mexican because today I had Mexican for every single meal and could really do it all over again tomorrow! For breakfast today I made my burrito, then we had chipotle for lunch, and then out to this new place.

When we sat down they brought over fresh chips and salsa – for free yep delish, then first course was a table side made guacamole and I have super high standards for Guac and it was amazing, the next course I got was barbacoa tacos this had black beans and rice with it, and then the dessert was this thick ass brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some ridiculously good cream on it! All of that food was $15 plus tip oh and the margarita which was half off because it was ladies night!

Our server was fantastic and I plan on calling her manager tomorrow because the table full of assholes behind us gave her a run for her money but she stayed super professional and attentive to everyone!

Tomorrow night I am going to another new place with my friend Duane – this one is a sushi place so I will give that update later! Saturday I am helping serve breakfast to some homeless individuals at one of or sister churches, then to a house warming party one of the q-tips is hosting. Sunday is well…Sunday and ya all know what that consists of. Monday night I have study table, Tuesday night another basketball game, Wednesday night we are doing birthday dinner for my buddy Cat! Thursday night I will bake! :). I wish I could say that makes me tired but really it makes me happy! Lol

Ok well I have a lot of research to do so I can determine donde esta mi familia? Hahaha if you don’t know what that means bust out your Spanish English translator and figure it out because as Juanita takes over I may start writing in Spanish more often! TGIF everyone!

Recipe Club – Week 3 – Italian White Bean Soup

Recipe Club - Week 3 - Italian White Bean Soup

This photo is from one of the girls in the group participating in the recipe club!! She did a great job – looks just like website pic!! Nicely done Katie!

Fun Friday Cookie – Everything Breakfast

Breakfast cookie – I’m calling it the everything breakfast cookie because it has a little it of everything in it – chocolate chips, coconut, peanut butter, oatmeal and dried cranberries!

I Give Up

I Give Up

I’m pretty sure Halie has just decided to let Hunt win wrestling matches!


Apparently my new addiction is coffee! I’m thinking that its because it has been so freakin cold out lately but I’m also thinking that there must be crack in Starbucks coffee! This morning it was about 7 degrees outside, and we had an athletics all staff meeting so instead of going to the office first I went directly to the meeting. I was going to stop at the bucks but opted to just get to the meeting, as I hate being late to anything.

I got there and they had another kind of coffee, but that didn’t seem to bother me! I had a glass with a little cream and sugar. Yep it’s official I’m getting old it wasn’t even a flavored creamer! Seriously what the hell am I turning into? The meeting was really interesting they talked about quite a few different things up to and including the fact that as a self sustaining athletic department we pay 16 million dollars a year in scholarships. I couldn’t believe that number, 16 million dollars – absolutely crazy!

After the meeting I took off went back to the office, did a few things there and then took off for lunch. I have decided that my lunch is now going to be a workout. I am actually enjoying doing this it, it’s breaking up my day and allowing me to take just a little time away from everyone. I planned it out so that I could go to workout, then head to my 2:00 meeting which ends my day as that meeting is almost 3 hours long.

On my way to my 2:00 meeting I stopped and got another coffee but this was just a little one! I knew that I was going to not be quite as antsy as I had gotten a little energy out but also knew I needed an afternoon pick-me-up!

The meeting wasn’t actually all that bad – even though it was 3 hours long. I think that they finally got a few situations squared away and that soon enough everything will fall into the proper places.

On the way home I got a phone call, as I was accepted into a professional development institute that is run through our professional organization. I applied for this two weeks ago and was one of the lucky applicants that was picked. I am not 100% sure what to expect – but this means that I will be going to Jacksonville Florida in June for the institute which is then followed by our national convention.

I was pretty excited about it as you always like to be the one picked for anything and this will allow for me to get some real time directors experience and hopefully meet some colleagues that I can build a rapport with.

I got home let the delinks out for a very very very short time! I had to leave almost immediately because tonight was a Petco clinic night and traffic at that point in the night is a nightmare. Things were decent at the clinic tonight not too many crazies but there were a few creepers. I always get creeped out by the gross animals that come in. Tonight there was one of those furless dogs – it was the weirdest looking things I have ever seen, all skin super creepy!!

I’m excited that the weekend is almost here I think that we are doing another restaurant for restaurant week tomorrow night but that may fall through. If it does I won’t be disappointed – not because I don’t want to go but because I have done something every night this week and don’t have a free day until next Thursday!

Ok well the battery is about to die on my iPad so I better call it a night!


This isn’t going to be long because I am kind of grumpy today. I had a super important meeting this morning which was interesting, and everyone who knew about it forgot about it. I gotta admit I’m kind of tired of always remembering what is important to others and not getting some of that same courtesy. Yes part of this is just an I’m tired rant, and part of it is that at times even though I have a shit ton of friends it would be nice if I got the occasional “hey good luck, or hey how did that go” from someone as the dogs are great but wishing me good luck has yet to happen – but when it does ill be sure to take a video!

After the important meeting I had 15 minutes before 3 back to back to back meetings. All of which were really good but long. I met with one of my students then did a little catch up. Once that was done I hustled out of the office went to the gym and got 3 miles done on the elliptical. I quickly changed my clothes and headed off to the basketball game.

It was a decent game but since I hadn’t seen Tracie in a while we spent the majority of the game catching up. I got to see their new house which is super cute and then headed back home. Needless to say its been a long day! Time to get things packed up for tomorrow and call it a night.