Great Day Take 2

Well I didn’t think that I would be up and writing this right now but my alarm was set to take the girls for a walk this morning since its 65 degrees out – however it’s 65, raining off and on and the wind is blowing like the Wizard of Oz. needless to say we are up but Dorothy and the tots are staying inside.

So as promised a little recap of yesterday – we got up a little after 6 and knowing that it was supposed to be nice I had prepared to take the dingleberries for a walk. This is still something that we are all getting used to. Halie doesn’t like that she can’t fake pee every 30 steps because Huntlie pulls her along and Hunt well see is just a hot damn mess.

Huntlie isn’t a jumper per say when you come into the house but for some god forsaken reason she deems it necessary to try and jump on people as they walk by. This is rather annoying and I am trying to figure out why she is doing this. It’s like she is saying HiHiHi I’m starved for attention don’t you want to be my friend?! She still doesn’t understand that she isn’t the leader on the walks and choked herself quite a few times trying to be Rudolph.

We went out for about 3 miles and right as we were finishing up Hunt thought that it would be in her best interest to try and eat a buckeye. No not a peanut butter chocolate buckeye a real one. For those of you that are unaware real buckeyes are poisonous nuts. I quickly screamed NO and grabbed it out of her mouth, then smacked her in the head. Yes go ahead and call Betsy Puffer the head of the SPCA – she needed to know not to eat these items!!

Once we arrived back home the girls ate and I got ready for work. I wasn’t moving overly fast but still getting things together. I had my weekly meeting with my boss and as expected we discussed the meeting the day before. He was trying to push me and get me thinking outside the box. Which I understood but like I told him it would have been nice to hear thank you for doing what I asked but what if…

He said that was fair but wanted to get a real reaction from me – then he said well one thing I want you to work on is that if you don’t get the reaction you are looking for is to sit back and put your “pat hat” on before speaking again. By pat hat he meant to act more like my mom would in a situation and be nice. This made me laugh and then he and I talked about quite a few other things going on in the office. The meeting concluded with him saying by the way you are doing a really good job. I left his office on a high and went to complete more work.

I was finishing up the chart for the challenge that I was proposing to my group. I was a little unsure of how they would react especially after the meeting where my boss threw a few monkey wrenches at me. However they really seemed to buy into it! This totally excited me and is think that it actually excited them as well! The challenge is called our W.O.R.D.S challenge and WORDS stands for wellness offers rewards during semesters. Everything is on a point system, everyone has an accountability partner and not everything is hard to attain.

As we were leaving the meeting I was listening to some of the accountability partners already discussing things with one another and thought this is pretty cool – now if we will do it for the next 5 weeks that is the true challenge! Then as I sat in my office finishing things up for the day Darrell one of my assistant learning specialists who is about 902 years old came in to show me that he was already eating his healthy afternoon snack of applesauce.

He was very proud of himself and then started talking about the points that he was going to win. During this John was like what the hell are you talking about and Darrell said haven’t you heard Kim said if we get healthy we could win a 3 day cruise! I busted out laughing and then tried to explain.

I got home a little after 5 which meant I was going to be home for about 45 minutes as I was picking Katie up for the basketball game at 6! I got the girls out let them play for a little while, had dinner and looked at some emails. I already received an email from another colleague who wants to participate in the challenge and a second one from someone saying they thought the idea was a good one. This made me happy as it seems like the group is really excited about this and not just doing it because I said so.

I left picked up Katie and got to my normal parking area which is nice for getting out after the game! The game was yet again too close for comfort. I think we ended up winning by 8 but up to the last minute we were only up by 6 and they were shooting 3s like it was their job. The worse part of the game however wasn’t how close it was, it was the nitwit that was sitting next to me.

To start they were late, then she sits down and as you can see whatever the hell she was wearing was clearly alive at some point. I think during the second half I saw it move and swear it tried to bite me. She talked the ENTIRE game, and not about basketball. At one point I think that even her friend was like rally shut the hell up.

Once the game was over I dropped Katie back at home and talked about her birthday plans for saturday night – we will be going to sushi rock and then to karaoke! It’s our yearly deal we always go to Mickys for her birthday! Ok well I need to make breakfast as its part of the challenge and I still have to shower and get ready! Have a great day!


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