Long Ass Day

Tgtdio – nope that’s not a type-o that stands for thank god the day is over! Haha I was hoping that I would have about 45 minutes at home before I had to go back to study table tonight, but that certainly was not in the cards.

Today was a fairly regular day with all of my meetings the ones that I had this morning were decent, then I ate lunch which was the crockpot honey sesame chicken. You were supposed to put this over rice, but as we all know carbs are my mcfatty downfall so I put it over a salad. I’m not going to lie the shit as pretty good! Didn’t taste great as I was burping it up while attempting to run on the treadmill but I would totally make it again!

Once I got back from the gym I had another meeting which went really well. Then I had the leadership meeting. Some weeks this is great and informative and other weeks I walk away flustered. Today was a little bit of both.

My boss has asked those of us in charge of areas to try and get our groups to be a little more mentally and physically healthy. So I drafted up something for my group and while I was trying to roll this out my boss was giving me a hard time. Part of it I know is to make me think – but the other part of it is just when I feel like he gets mad because I am doing something with just my group.

You see I drafted up this challenge that we would try and do in my group first to iron out the kinks kind of like a test group – well he basically said what will you say if someone else wants to join – my response was that I would tell them here is the sheet bt for the first few weeks its just the to group. Well he didn’t like that answer. I am still kinda baffled by the response as this was what he asked us to do but it is what it is. Ill deal with the shit and go from there!

Our leadership meeting ended up going until 5:30 which meant I didn’t even get home until 5:50, I changed my clothes, let the girls out, gave them some water, inhaled my dinner which was the left over chicken wings from last night, and got back to the Younkin by 6:18! Yep shitty not for the girls, so I’m hoping that its not pouring in the morning when the alarm goes off so I can take em for an “I’m sorry I’m a shitty mom” walk!!

Study table wasn’t too bad the natives weren’t overly restless, I just got home and the girls have finished their treats! Now I need to get things packed up and ready for the day tomorrow! Hopefully your Monday went well!


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